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“What’s Your Grief?” Supporting Shattered Worlds – Virtual Seminar

There are no upcoming dates for this event.

Supporting Shattered Worlds: Working With Sudden, Traumatic, and Stigmatized Losses

Why does it seem like some losses turn entire worlds upside down? What factors lead to a person feeling like everything they once knew is gone? And how do you, as a professional working with grieving people, help someone experiencing things like shock, confusion, isolation, disbelief, and panic?

In this session, we’ll:
• Describe common and unique patterns of grief and trauma
response in unanticipated and disenfranchised deaths.
• Identify intersections of and disjunctions between grief responses
and trauma responses, including the impact of trauma responses
on the bereavement process.
• Explore the effects of stigma and self-stigma on the grief process
and as barriers to healing.
• Provide a rationale for professionals to prioritize their well-being,
and lead participants in brainstorming personalized tools for
coping with job-related stress and maintaining well-being.


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